Fortra Technology Solutions – was launched to deliver on a critical business need — highly-reliable IT solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of the asset management industry. With cyber-attacks targeting asset management companies at an all-time high, and temporary fixes becoming the unfortunate norm, Fortra is elevating the standards of monitoring, correcting and protecting computer systems for clients across the globe. Our world-class services and turnkey solutions mean clients no longer need to switch IT vendors when one proves unreliable, and can instead enjoy quality, consistency, and trust with Fortra.

Fortra isn’t just another IT service provider. We live and breathe the industry as world-class business advisors to asset management companies. We’re here to prove that not all IT services are created equally, with Fortra rising to the challenge of providing effective solutions instead of off-the-shelf services with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Meet Your CTO: A Trusted Industry Expert

Aaron Harley

Aaron Harley

As the Chief Technology Officer, Aaron oversees the firm’s technology and cybersecurity strategies. He brings over 20 years of IT experience. The past seven years, he served as a CTO and Senior System Administrator in the financial services industry for clients across the US, England, and Asia.

Prior to joining Fortra, Aaron was Director of the New York office for a boutique technology and cybersecurity consulting company specializing in financial services firms. Aaron ran his own successful IT consulting company in Indianapolis, where he worked with a diverse client base throughout the Midwest.

LinkedIn: Aaron Harley

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